Hello & Welcome

Welcome to my new blog, dedicated to going grey. It’s not any easy decision for a woman to take these days, as society has led us as women to cover our grey hair. This blog is for you to follow my journey and hopefully support other women, who for what ever reason want to do the same thing. 

(My hair coloured last December with Colour.me by Kevin Murphy)

I have had a long relationship with colouring my hair. It’s been almost 30 years. I started home dying to my natural colour as a teenager, who had found grey hairs. In my mid 20’s, now working, I went to Vidal Sassoon for a hair cut. They offered to put a semi permanent purple on my hair and my love affair with different colours began. I moved to salon colouring after moving in with my then boyfriend, now husband and not wanting to damage his bathroom with hair dye. 

I have had highlights, ombré and gone as red as I can. Then about 1 1/2 years ago when I had my hair dyed, some of my hair laid on my neck. My neck when red and itchy in a patch. More worryingly, the hairdresser didn’t seem overly worried. Next time, she made sure that all my hair was away from my deck as the colour took hold. It was many more times, when it happened again, so I looked for a PPD free option. 

The choice is very limited. True Henna is PPD free (except for black Henna). There are some home products on the market but they are not good at hiding greys and tend not to be permanent. 

I kept looking and read about Wella Koleston Perfect Innosense and Color.me by Kevin Murphy. They both have a version of PPD that has been molecularly altered, so should cause less allergies. As a girl, who wasn’t ready to go grey, I decided that one of these was the way to go forward. 

In the end, the salon that I thought was good, used Color.me, so in December 2015, I used it for the first time but by Summer 2016 my hair was feeling itchy when being dyed. I was starting to think about going grey. 

I’m a member of the Sali Hughes Beauty Forum and one huge thread that has popped up is “Transitioning to grey hair”.  It is supporting each person who wants to go grey but it was a good read, to help me firm up my decision to make this change. I’m not sure, if I would be doing this quite yet, without this thread. I would have had to do this sooner or later, as I was worried about allergies, which in the worst cases, can lead to death. 


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